• RS admins may be members who contribute in their own ways.
  • The members of the board may be RS admins, representatives of leagues, representatives of series, representatives of teams, racers, as well as other private persons or representatives of organisations.
  • Any board member may request a board meeting.
  • The administration may organise itself according to the contexts. Hence the admin board may change, depending on the matters treated. Generally, the board meets on a demand basis.



  • Already at our founding, we were part of various networks. Cooperation was among the key factors which brought us this far.
  • Whatever you have in mind, feel free to get in touch with us and share your thoughts. We are excited about new partners and ideas.
  • Ourselves we approach potential partners and see that we develop the networks we have.
  • We believe in cooperation and support our partners the best we can.



  • The Racing Sports organisation is an entity founded by and for enthusiasts of various racing disciplines.
  • It is an organisation which supports all that it considers beneficial to its causes.
  • The values of Racing Sports are based on the premises of the sporting spirit. Sustainability, constructivity, freedom and creativity and are among the key values.
  • Its paramount aim is the vitality of the racing disciplines it endorses.



  • Any person or organisation may apply for membership in Racing Sports.
  • Membership is granted by the leadership of the organisation.
  • Members are included in the development of the organisation.
  • Membership is free and based on voluntary contribution.


Sports Spirit Common Course

  • Community over egoism
  • Constructivity over conflict
  • Creativity over monotony
  • Exhibition over competition
  • Freedom over limitation
  • Openness over secrecy
  • Simplicity over complexity
  • Sustainability over consumerism