In 2017 Ravi joined our community and since then he has developed and cultivated his talents and passions while achieving successes in racing.

A memeber of the year in 2018, he continues to make this community that much more special with his presence and contributions.

It is not every day that you get such a passionate response to the interview questions. Ravi has answered extensively and wholeheartedly. We are happy to present to you this truly special interview:


A word from Ori

“We go back many years now and have quite a history behind us. The organisation is the result of all the experiences gained.

When I joined SCART, it was a small, inspiring series depending on others for its server, website and voice communication. Within one year, we became perfectly autarchic.

If there is one thing I have learned it is that one can achieve greatness and create reality. After years of virtual and real racing, the organisation is the institution connecting all drivers, teams, series and leagues associated with it.

We have achieved a lot and yet there are ways to go in the quest for evolving the sport.

While we have great challenges ahead, we also have great accomplishments behind us. We have had it all. And we are future-fit.”